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Almuegaarden – Bolche og Karamel Kogeriet

Almuegaarden – Bolche og Karamel Kogeriet

Company: Almuegaarden Bolche og Karamel Kogeriet

In business since: 1989

Location: Landevejen 4,  Næstved and Tivoli, Copenhagen

World Championship titles: Possibly 2013

About: At Almuegaarden, everything is just like in the good old days – well, almost! Three generations have been at Almuegaarden, upholding time-honored Danish traditions in the production of traditional confectionary, using of course, the best natural raw materials to produce our good old-fashioned boiled sweets. Many of our products are still produced from original rolling mills from the late 1800’s! We are now in the 12th year of running ‘Almuegaardens old sweet factory’ in the world renowned Tivoli Gardens in the heart of Copenhagen. With over 4 million visitors each year from all over the world, this outlet provides us with international demand which is giving the business new potential.


Participant: Carsten Pallesen
Age: 31
Candy maker since: 2006

Favorite candy: Almuegaardens ”Krone Bolcher”