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Candy Championships 2013

The Winner of Candy Championships 2013: Stefan Fransson, Polkaprinsen – Sweden

CC 2013 -HR

Results Semi-Finals, Swedish Group

1. Stefan Fransson, Polkaprinsen: 310p

2. Kristoffer Wredberg, Franssons Polkagrisar: 294p

3. Isak Danielsson, Polkapojkarna Gränna: 287p

4. Didrik Wibeck, Grenna Polkagriskokeri 285p

5. Jonas Walldow, Polkapojkarna Stockholm: 276p

6. Emil Rolfsson, Den Småländska Kolonin: 269p

7. Anton Petterson, Axels Polkagriskokeri: 223p

8. Elin Krantz, Krantz Grisar: 167p

Results Semi-Finals, Foreign Groups

1. Annica Büsselmann, Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur: 304p – Bremen, Tyskland

2. Basia Skorka, Ciuciu Sukier Artist: 238p – Gdansk, Poland

3. Carsten Pallesen, Almuegaarden: 237p – Naestved, Danmark

4. Simone Roth, Bodensee Bonbon Manufaktur: 222p – Eigeltingen, Tyskland

5. Dominik Otto, papabubble: 220p – Amsterdam, Nederländerna

6. Warren Schimpff, Schimpff’s Confectionery : 204p – Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA



Results Grand Finale

1. Stefan Fransson, Polkaprinsen – Sweden: 307p

2. Annica Büsselmann, Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur – Germany: 273p

3. Dominik Otto, Papabubble – The Netherlands AND Basia Skorka, Ciuciu Cukier Artist – Poland: 227p

4. Carsten Pallesen, Almuegarden – Denmark: 219p


11AM Friday August 9th / Kl 11 Fredag 9e Augusti
Hoppets Torg, Jönköping

Grand Finale
2PM Saturday 10th / Kl 14 Lördag 10e Augusti
Gränna Harbour / Vätterscenen, Gränna


Host: Håkan Eng

Håkan Eng is a famous radio personality in Sweden, well know for hosting and covering sports events, and also of being a part of many entertaining shows. He is funny, fast, and entertaining and we’re sure he is the right man for the job as a host for the semi-finals in Jönköpking on August 9th.



Host: Lasse Kronér

Lasse Kronér is a Swedish musician, entertainer and TV host. He is famous for hosting the most popular family and music entertainment shows on national TV in Sweden. In 2008, he hosted the prestigious Christmas show on national TV, SVT Sweden. With his warm personality and ability to mix speech, song, funny stories and being overall entertaining. Lasse is the perfect host for the Grand Finale of the Candy Championships in Gränna on the 10th of August.


The Jury

Friday August 9th in Jönköping, Jens Markulf, Christina Gyllner, Florian Belgard and Ulrik Lindström will determine who the 5 finalists will be. Saturday Agust 10th Leif Mannerström will join the Jury and the four of them are going to  designate ”The World Champion in Traditional Handmade Candy” 2013. Read more about the Jury…

The Participants