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Jury 2013


Leif Mannerström – Jury President

Awarded chef & restaurateur, cookbook author and judge in ”Masterchef Sweden”

Leif Mannerström is one of Sweden’s most famous chefs and probably the most well known and successful restaurateur. He has been awarded most culinary honors and proof of achievements there are in Sweden and Scandinavia. For over 10 years he has had stars in the Michelin Guide. Leif Mannerström has published more than 10 cookbooks and is also very well known for being a judge in the TV show ”Masterchef Sweden”. With his knowledge and reputation of being harsh but fair we feel that Leif Mannerström is the perfect president of the jury in the finals of the Candy Championships 2013.

christinagyllner PHOTO: ANDREAS LUNDBERG/TV4

Christina Gyllner

Winner of ”Hela Sverige Bakar”, the Swedish version of ”The Great British Bake Off”

Christina Gyllner has been baking cookies and cakes for as long as she can remember. As a child, Christina started baking with her Grandmother and since then hasn’t been able to stop. Christina was the first person to win ”Hela Sveriga Bakar”, the Swedish version of ”The Great British Bake Off.” She has, also, written a cookbook, ”Sockerchock” (Sugarchock) and is participating in ”Mitt Kök”(My Kitchen) on Swedish Television TV4. When’s she travelling, you can see Christina buying, sugar, eggs and butter and bring back home. She is extremely passionate about baking, and we’re sure she will make an outstanding judge as well.


Florian Belgard

German candy maker and suger artist

Florian Belgard is a confectioner and sugar artist from Merzig, Germany. After years in hotel management and after that as a hairdresser, he realized that he wanted to do something completely different with his life. Inspired by a small candy factor in Spain, Florian gave up everything and started his own candy bakery and boutique and named it CIUCIU, the the heart of Gdanski-Old-Town, Poland. Quickly the young company blossomed into the leading supplier of handmade rock candy with logos inside. Today Florian operates six CIUCIU bakeries and boutiques; three fully owned and three franchises.


Ulrik Lindström

Founder of BUBS Godis (BUBS Candy)

Ulrik Lindström has been making candy since he was 14 years old, when he got a job during the summer as a Polkagris baker man. In 1992, he started his own company, ”BUBS Godis” (BUBS Candy), a small family owned business with a big passion for candy. Today, BUBS Godis is producing more than 40 different types of candy, with their best seller ”Hallonlakritsskallen,” which is known for being Sweden’s most popular candy. In 2012, Ulrik was awarded ”Entrepreneur of the Year” in Jönköping, and we’re proud to announce him as our Polkagris expert in the Candy Championship’s jury.