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CiuCiu Cukier Artist

CiuCiu Cukier Artist

Company: Ciuciu Cukier Artist

In business since: 2005

Location: Gdansk, Poland

World Championship titles: Possibly 2013

About: “Ciuciu Cukier Artist” has beed manufacturing since 2005. Our shop is located in the most popular street in the very heart of Gdańsk. We are the first manufacture in Poland that produce 100% hand made sweets. We are offering more then fifty different flavours in four shapes – rocks, pillows, lollipops and sticks. There are 6 candymakers and 7 shop assistants in our shop. All of us are working with passion and love for “Ciuciu”, to give our customers the best we can – big smiles and a sweet surprise.

A few years ago we opened our first franchise shop in Krakow than in Ełk and Sopot and since this year you can find us in our new shop in Cologne, Germany.


Participant: Basia Skorka

Age: 39

Candy maker since: 2006

Favorite candy:

Trivia: Ciuciu, Gdansk, Poland is sending Basia Skorka, the best person to represent the modern way of making candy by hand. Basia’s been working in the candy world of Ciuciu, Gdansk for 7 years. She is the trainer of new workers and is teaching the knowhow and the Ciuciu ideology to the franchise stores. Basia is the coordinator in kitchens and the designer of all personalised candies. She is the good soul in the Ciuciu kitchen and she’s so closed to her job, that after a hard day in Germany on a Christmas market, she is even dreaming about Ciuciu and screaming: “LECKER LECKER ZUCKERBÄCKER!” (which means ”Yummy yummy, suger baker!”), in the middle of the night. With her 150cm she is the smallest worker in Ciuciu and with the nick name “Bogdan”, because she’s working harder than all men. She is a perfectionist and nobody else in Ciuciu is making nicer lollipops, sugar sticks or candies than Basia.