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Franssons Polkagrisar

Franssons Polkagrisar
Company: Franssons Polkagrisar

In business since: 1967

Location: Gränna, Sweden

World Championship titles: 1995, 2009, 2010 and possibly 2013

About: Franssons open their doors in 1967 by Alf ”The King of Polkagris” Fransson. The company is under management by his oldest son Peter Fransson. Franssons candy making has currently two Guiness World Records, one of them for the largest candy lollipop that has ever been made, at 2158,7 kg which was made in 2003.

Participant: Kristoffer Wredberg

Age: 29

Candy maker since: 2009

Favorite candy: The candy sticks “Piggelin”, “Melon” and of course the original red and white peppermint flavored candy stick.

Trivia: Kristoffer has experience of the local championship where he participated in 2011. Kristoffer is passionate about working as a candy maker, nowadays he’s working as a treatment educator at a treatment center and right now he’s in bootcamp, training for the championships.