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Grand Finale

Grand Finale

Each and every one of the contestants are free to make any kind of handmade candy they like under a specific topic, and the jury will decide who’s the winner under different criteria’s!

The five selected candy makers will go up on stage and compete. During the baking process, the jury will inspect and write assessment protocol 1 (baking process). When the baking is completed the Jury will take a look, and of course a bite of the finished handmade product.

The jury protocol will be carefully checked and the results summarized by the Assistant Secretary. The names of first, second and third place are written on separate paper and placed in an envelope. The envelopes will be handed over to the jury, and the president of the jury will announce the third, second and of course, the Best Candy maker in the World.

After the competition, there will be flowers, pictures and interviews with contestants. We promise that a lot of candy will be handed out to the audience. The new World Champion will after this take of for Jönköping City where he or she will be presented on stage and interviewed on radio and media.

There will be a dinner party with live music, DJ and lots of fun at the beautiful hotel Gyllene Uttern in the honor of the new World Champion where all contestants and their delegations, press, sponsors and jury will celebrate the event.