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Krantz Grisar

Krantz Grisar

Company: Krantz Grisar

In business since: 2013

Location: Gränna, Sweden

World Championship titles: Possibly 2013

About: Krantz Grisar opened up for business in May 2013, it’s a family business with mainly focus on polkagrisar/candy sticks and other confectionery. Although Krantz is new in the trade, their shop on Brahegatan, Gränna has been manufacturing polkagrisar/candy sticks since the 1950’s.

Participant: Elin Krantz

Age: 14

Candy maker since: 2013

Favorite candy: Actually I’m not really fond of sweets but my favorite is milk chocolate.

Trivia: Elin is the youngest participant. Not only is Elin the youngest, she’s also the only girl that is representing Sweden in the championships. She’s been making polkagrisar for only two months, but feels that she’s ready for the competition, and so do we!