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Company: papabubble

In business since:

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

World Championship titles: Possibly 2013

About: Dominik and Mika lived in Barcelona for a few months in 2003 and met two Australian guys who came to Europe to start papabubble. They had already experience with the candy making, and had a shop in Melbourne. In Melbourne they learned the profession form a Danish man. Dominik and Mika got fascinated by the craft of candymaking and the whole concept of papabubble. Back in Amsterdam they got the chance to open their own papabubble as a pilot store. Now papabubble is a franchise all over the world with candy bakeries and shops in Tokyo, Hongkong, Barcelona, New York and London among others. In Amsterdam the first store opened in 2005, the second one in 2012. Still papabubble is the only store in the Netherlands were they make candy.

Participant: Dominik Otto

Age: 36

Candy maker since: 2005

Favorite candy: To eat: peppermint filled with chocolate. Favourite to make: every new logo, because that is the biggest challenge and you have to make ten kilo good in once..

Trivia: Dominik is born in Leipzig, Germany. 13 years ago he moved to the Netherlands to finish his study Architecture on the TU Delft. So officially he is an architect. When he lived in Barcelona for a while, his plan was to have a traineeship on an architect office, but he ended up making candy in papabubble. Also really exciting: he will become a father half of September, he and his girlfriend expecting a little girl.

Dominik is addicted on watching movies and loves to travel. Last year he traveled all over the world for one year and made candy in Lisbon, Melbourne, Tokyo and South Korea. But so far never in Sweden.