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Polkapojkarna Gränna

Polkapojkarna Gränna

Company: Polkapojkarna

In business since: 1992

Location: Brahegatan 59, Gränna, Sweden

World Championship titles: 1996, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011 and possibly 2013

About: Polkapojkarna, meaning “the Polka-Boys”, started in 1992 by the Agnhammar brothers, Fredric and Daniel, in a small basement in the outskirts of Gränna. In 1997 Polkapojkarna moved into the main street, Brahegatan, in Gränna, where many other Polkagris-bakeries in Gränna are established, and turned it into a genuine 19th century store where Gränna’s visitors can watch the beautiful Polkagris candy handicraft in a historical environment. Polkapojkarna are known for having many different Polkagris/candy stick flavours and also their old fashioned soft toffee/fudge. In 2012 Polkapojkarna was awarded the prestigious prize, “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Gränna Business Assosiation.

Homepage/Webshop – Facebook

Participant: Isak Danielsson

Age: 22

Candy maker since: 2005

Favorite candy: Polkagris/Candy stick with Mojito flavour and Polkapojkarnas old fashioned toffee

Trivia: Isak is the World Champion of Candy Championships 2010, nowadays he’s actually planning to become a dietitan…