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Polkapojkarna Stockholm

Polkapojkarna Stockholm
Company: Polkapojkarna Stockholm

In business since: 2011

Location: Lilla Nygatan 10 (Gamla stan/Old town), Stockholm, Sweden

World Championship titles: Possibly 2013

About: Polkapojkarna Stockholm opened its doors in the Midsummer week 2011 and is a genuine 19th century store where Stockholm’s visitors can watch the beautiful candy cane handicraft in a historical environment.

Homepage – Facebook

Participant: Jonas Walldow

Age: 40

Candy maker since: 1987

Favorite candy: Candy sticks: Original, pear, raspberry/salt liqurice, sour strawberry. Also loves fudge, cider, lollies, ”Polkabiscotti”, ”mintspån”, ”fruktspån”, rocks and ”Gammaldags karameller”. And ”Bravokola”. Also ”Grennakola”, ”Polkakola” and ”Chokladkola”. That’s it.

Trivia: Before Polkapojkarna Stockholm opened it’s doors, Jonas has worked at a brewery in Bayern, as a test driver for the swedish army, had performances at Broadway and he’s also been a rewarded creative advertiser.