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Company: Polkaprinsen

In business since: 2013

Location: Gränna, Sweden

World Championship titles: Possibly 2013

About: Stefan Fransson also known as ”Polkaprinsen” (meaning the Polka Prince) , youngest son of the late legendary Candy King of Gränna, Alf Fransson, has been in the Candy business all his life. As a young child he learned how to make his own hand made candysticks. In1987 Stefan participated in the making of the longest candy stick in the world, (287m noted in the Guinness Book of Records), and in 2003 he was responsible for tha making of the biggest lollypop in the world, (2157kg, also noted in the Guiness Book of Records). Today Stefan is the CEO of the biggest candy manufacturing factory in Gränna, producing thousand of tonnes of sweets and candy each year. Polkaprinsen is a new project where Stefan shows the art and craftmanship of making traditional hand made candy and the polkagris.

Participant: Stefan Fransson


Candy maker since: the 1980’s

Favorite candy:

Trivia: Stefan really loves to sing, and he’ll bring his band to the Candy Championships after party to perform. He is also a passionated hunter and fisherman.