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Candy Championships

Rules and regulations

The competitor, representing his country, will compete in the fine art of candy making by hand against other confectioners representing their country.

Competition overview: The baker will, with a given theme (this years theme is love), create any commercial handmade candy in front of an audience during a time period of 30 minutes maximum from hot candy dough is poured on to table. The competitor is free to any kind of ingredient and to create any kind of hand made candy and try to comply with the jury criteria as follows:

Each competitor will be judged by following criterias and will get 5 up to 500 points accordingly


1-10 points

The competitor will get 1-10 points based on how well the candy tastes, and also how well the flavor match with the theme.

Aesthetics/”Eye candy” factor 1-10 points

The competitor will get 1-10 points based on how good his/her candy is, and also how well the look of the candy match with the theme.

Artistery/Craftmanship and Show

1-10 points

The competitor will get 1-10 points based on his/her craftmanship and artistery, how advance is his/her candy, how creative is he/she and the candy? The Jury will also consider how the competitior is entertaining the audience and how he/she perform on stage.


1-10 points

The competitor will get 1-10 points based on the looks of the finished product, and also how well the look of the finished product match with the theme.

Customer Value 1-10 points

The competitor will get 1-10 points based on the customer value of the finished product, can it be sold? And how much could you charge for the finished product?

Theme keeping

1-10 multiplied with competitors points from criteria 1-5

The last, but definitely not the least criteria is what we call ”Theme keeping”. The competitor can be given 1-10 points based on how well everything match with the theme. And here’s the twist: the points that the competitor scored from criteria 1-5 will be multiplied with the points he/she gets from the Theme keeping-criteria.

A basic set of tools*, marble plate* and wood table* will be given but can be complemented with the competitors own equipment such as heating tables etc as long as it’s not mechanized. (Hand made is the key.) 7kW AGA Gas burner, 3 L casserole pan in stainless steel, sugar, water, margarine veg oil and talk will be provided, any other ingredient, flavor, coloring, etc must be brought by the competitor. The competition is individual but every competitor can bring an assistant to help with easier tasks on stage. We will provide each competitor with a back stage assistant candy maker from Gränna town which will be there to help with easier tasks back stage such as cooking, mixing, keeping track of the time and other smaller task outside of the actual candy making on stage. Each competitor will be given the chance to practice with the provided gear and tools on stage in Jönköping City on friday before the competition on saturday. The jury will judge the competitor on each criteria and the chairmans final statement can not be overruled.