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Schimpff’s Confectionery

Schimpff’s Confectionery

Company: Schimpff’s Confectionery

In business since: 1891

Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States of America

World Championship titles: Possibly 2013

About: The Schimpff family has been making candy in Jeffersonville since 1891. Started by Gus Schimpff Sr. and Jr., the business has survived wars, floods, depressions, and recessions through four generations. In 1990, Warren Schimpff and his wife, Jill Wagner Schimpff, bought the candy business to maintain the Schimpff family’s candy legacy. Under their leadership, the business expanded in 2001, the 110th anniversary of the business, into the building next door (351 Spring St), where a candy demonstration area was constructed along with a fascinating candy museum housing thousands of pieces of American candy memorabilia. Because of these new additions, Schimpff’s has become a major tourist attraction in the Kentuckiana Area. It has been listed in “Louisville Business First” as one of the area’s top twenty for-profit attractions and national media such as The Food Network, The History Channel/”Modern Marvels”, and Paula Deen have focused their attention on Schimpff’s.” In June 2013, Schimpff’s was designated the Family Business of the Year for both the State of Indiana and the Great Lakes Region of the USA by the US Small Business Administration.


Participant: Warren Schimpff

Age: 70

Candy maker since: Business owner & candy maker for 23 years and before that 25 years as a hobby

Favorite candy: English Toffee – or butter crunch

Trivia: Warren lived in Sweden for 1.5 years & collects Swedish Sami (Lapp) artwork…